Slater’s Enchanted Mate

Slater’s Enchanted Mate



Time ticked by as he sat in a chair beside the bed, his eyes and ears trained on the closed door. He swore he could see through the walls, imagining her hands trailing over each feminine dip and curve on her wet flesh. The fantasy did nothing to cool his straining erection.

When the sound of the plug being pulled hit him, he sat up straighter, adjusting his dick to a more comfortable position. His own fantasy woman walked out in nothing but a large fluffy towel. He almost swallowed his tongue.

“Couldn’t you find the robe?” For fucksake he’d pointed it out.

Her smile was bright. “I saw no reason to get another item wet when I was just going to get dressed.”

The logic she used was sound, but it was not good for him or his libido.

“Oh my damn. This is gorgeous.” She fingered the outfit he’d laid out.

He realized she used the phrase oh my damn a lot, and wondered where she’d heard it.

“I thought it would look perfect on you.” He cleared his throat, the deep sound had her looking over at him sprawled in the chair. Her eyes traveled the length of him. There was no way she could miss the clear bulge in his jeans.

Although it was as normal as breathing for shifters to get naked in front of others, he could see her worry reflected in every line of her sleek body.

“I’ll just take this into the bathroom and change.” She picked up the wrap kaftan and did a one eighty back into the restroom.

Slater let out a breath. “Fuck! How the hell am I supposed to keep my hands to myself?” He thought of the story he’d heard where Niall had told Zayn to keep his fangs and dick to himself. Now he totally understood why the other man couldn’t, and how he’d come to have an accidental human mate. If he’d found LeeLee and she wasn’t a shifter, he was sure he’d still want her no matter what or who had to say about it.

“What do you think?”

His head jerked up at her whispered words, breath froze in his throat. She looked amazing. No, better than that. Goddess, he’d never seen a more gorgeous sight, even with her hair hanging in wet strands down her back, she was the most gorgeous creature he’d ever seen.

He realized she was waiting for him to answer. “You look amazing. Come here.” He kept his voice low. The scent of her need hit him the closer she came to where he sat.

“It feels weird wearing clothes, but I remember how to dress.” Her tentative smile had him wanting to shield her from all the wrongs she’d suffered.

When she was within touching distance, he pulled her onto his lap, making her gasp. “I think I like you out of them better, but you look like a goddess in them, too.” And she did. With her hair a shade of blonde he’d not seen on a female that hadn’t come from a bottle. The silver tips drew his gaze and fingers of his left hand. “Did one of your parents have hair like this?” He held the wet strand up.

Her face scrunched up. “My mom had really blonde hair while my father’s was a darker shade of blond. I guess having a red haired child shocked them and the pack. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that must’ve been the reason I was never allowed to go outside and play with others.”

The forlorn tone made his heart constrict. If her parents were still alive he’d have a chat with both of them.

LeeLee hated how the mention of her family brought the euphoria of only moments before, to a new low. Her adult mind understood now what and why her parents did what they did, although she didn’t agree, or forgive them for their actions. She wondered if they knew the way the old crone treated her. If they had, would they still have shunned her? Memories of her childhood threatened to send her into a crying fit, one she wasn’t sure she’d recover from. To distract herself, and Slater, she leaned forward, pressing her lips against his.

She wasn’t sure who was more stunned. Him or her. His lips were softer than she’d expected. The firm, yet decidedly sweet feel of having a man’s mouth beneath hers had her humming.

At first he did nothing but sit there, and she wondered if he didn’t like kissing, or if he was repulsed because she didn’t know how. Then his mouth moved, his hand reached up, tilting her head to the side.

A sigh escaped her mouth, opening for the press of his tongue. She felt the first stirrings of lust work its way through her body. She’d seen the evidence of his arousal when she’d walked out, and exulted in the fact he appeared to like her appearance.

“Open your mouth for me, love.” His soft order gave her pause, but she followed his demand. She could taste the soup they’d eaten and Slater’s own unique flavor. Oh my damn. She could get addicted to kissing. His lips teased hers, tongue sliding inside, inviting hers to rub his. Heat poured off him, making her relax against him even more. The erection beneath her jumped. She wasn’t sure what to do with her hands, until he lifted one and placed it around his shoulder, the other he placed over his beating heart. Her eyes drifted shut, falling deeper under his spell.