Turo’s Fated Mate

Turo’s Fated Mate
Iron Wolves Book 7





A LONE WOLF…Turo has searched for centuries for the one female to complete him. The Iron Wolves seemed like home to him, but after fifteen years, he’s thinking about moving on, until he finds her.


A LOVE WORTH ANYTHING…Jozlyn isn’t your average human and knew it would take a special man to accept her as she was. However, she hadn’t counted on a man like Turo.


TESTING THE BONDS…As Turo and Jozlyn’s love grows, a creature from their worst nightmares will do anything to destroy them. Will they be able to survive the coming battle, or will fate give them what they’d always craved…true love?


“A must read paranormal story” New York Times bestselling author LORA LEIGH


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Turo’s Fated Mate

Story Excerpt


Jozlyn placed herself in front of him. “Hello, Arturo. Is Lyric or Syn around?

This is my niece, and well…I just wanted to ask them a favor.”

He inhaled deeply, looking up at his unclaimed mate. Even on one knee he was almost eye-to-eye with the woman. “First off, the girls aren’t in tonight. Second, don’t lie to me, hahai, or I’ll tan that fine ass red. Now, let’s start over, shall we?” He gave the little girl he knew was the daughter of the woman sleeping in the clinic a smile. He hoped it would reassure her. “What’s your name, little one?”

“Egypt Rose Light, Arturo, and you’re kinda scary,” she answered him.

Laughing, he patted her on the head. “Well, Egypt, I know your mama, Asia.” He watched recognition light the dark eyes then tears well in them. “Hey, now, no crying. Your mama wouldn’t like that.”

“My mama…is…dead,” she cried, turning her head into his unclaimed mate’s side.

Turo looked at Jozlyn and winced. Her dark eyes were spitting bullets at him. If she’d had a gun, he was sure she’d have shot him right then and there. Of course, he’d have recovered. It would’ve just hurt a bit. “Honey, your mama isn’t…she’s here, but she’s pretty tired. Do you want to go see her?”

“What’s going on, Turo?” Kellen’s voice thundered behind him.

“This little bit is Asia’s daughter, and this is Jozlyn.” He faced his alpha, meeting Kellen’s gaze with a steady stare.

The mental link opened. “Why the fuck is there a kid in my club, and why haven’t you claimed your mate?”

Turo snorted. “Hello pot said the kettle. How long did you wait to claim your mate? Besides, she’s too young, human, and too…everything for the likes of me.”

Kellen’s bright blue eyes flashed. “Is this the reason you were leaving the pack?”

He owed it to Kellen to be honest with him. With a nod, he didn’t make excuses, just left it at a nod and held his ground. Kellen may be the alpha, the Iron Wolf, but Turo was not a young pup. He chose to be part of the Iron Wolves. He’d been drawn here. Now he knew why and couldn’t claim his fated mate. Fucking-A fates suck.

I’ll eliminate the reason and then you can stay.” Kellen took a menacing step forward.

Touch one hair on her head, and there will be a war unlike any you’ve ever seen,” he promised, his words coming out low and even through their link.

That’s what I thought. You’ll be mated and claiming before too long, my friend. Now, back to my original question. What’s doing with kids and unclaimed mates in my club?” He placed his fists on his hips as if Turo hadn’t just threatened him.

Turo shook his head. Kellen was almost as batshit crazy as the Fey Queen.

“Well hello, did someone just say my name?” Jenna asked from behind him.

He blinked, wondering if the other being was reading his mind. She tapped her temple and smiled. With a grin of his own, he slammed walls in place, making her wince.

“Dang, son, that was mean. Now, aren’t you just the spitting image of your mother. I’m sure you hear that all the time. Tsk tsk, who thought it was okay to bring a little girl into a bar?” Jenna pinned Jozlyn with her turquoise gaze. “Oh, aren’t you just lovely. Come along, we’ll chat and get to know each other. You meet my bestie Kellen?” Jenna leaned in toward Jozlyn and Egypt. “He only growls really loudly, but he’s a big softie. Aren’t you? Yes you are. Oh yes, you are,” she cooed as if she were talking to a little kid or a favorite pet.

It took all of Turo’s self-control not to burst out laughing as Kellen’s head fell forward, his chin resting on his chest as he muttered must not kill the Fey over and over in a growled whisper.

“Kellen, I’ll check on Team Styles while I’m here as well, might as well get r done in one fell swoop.” Jenna tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder, grabbing onto one of Egypt’s hands and then Jozlyn’s.

He took a step to follow, pulling up short as Kellen moved into his path. “We need to talk,” Kellen said.

Damn, he didn’t want to get into a pissing contest with his alpha. Hell, he’d called the man and asked for his help. Now, it looked as though any thought of leaving the pack had just flown, or in this case, walked in the door with a tiny stranger in tow. Yeah, fate sure had a funny way of slapping you in the face when you least expected it.

“I can see the wheels spinning in that monster brain of yours. Let’s have a sit down in my office. I keep the good shit there.” Kellen’s stride didn’t falter as he headed toward his sanctuary in the club.

Turo shook his head and then he followed, knowing it was no use to not do as instructed. Kellen would just come find him. Not that he was scared of the Iron Wolf. Of course, the fact the other man could shift into a beast of myth most hadn’t truly believed in until recently, but Turo had also learned much in his years. A lesson learned was, that you didn’t turn down an opportunity to gain important information.

“Want one?” Kellen held up a bottle of Makers.

“Absolutely,” Turo agreed.

Once he had two full glasses, Kellen made his way over to his recliner, handed Turo his glass then sat. “Alright, I’m sure you’re wondering if Jenna has shared anything with me about our mystery woman. Well, the answer is no. However, I need to ask you a few things. First and foremost, what the fuck is going on with you? I knew when you came here there was something different about you, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Now, I’m thinking I should’ve told my father to ask more pointed questions. As the alpha, I’m asking. What’s up with you? And don’t feed me no bullshit line. Where did you come from? What are your origins? I took you as a straight up lone wolf, but I think there’s more to you than that. Where’s your original pack?”

Turo looked at the amber liquid, hearing the questions fired at him like bullets from a gun. He’d guessed Kellen would want to know what was what when it came to him. However, he wasn’t sure how much to tell. Taking a long sip, he met the piercing blue gaze of the alpha. “My name is Arturo Anoa’i. I was originally from New Zealand, but my family moved around quite a bit back in the day. When I didn’t find my true mate, I left my pack to search for her. I’ve been searching for hundreds of years.” He watched Kellen’s face to see how his words would affect the alpha.

Shock rolled off Kellen in waves. “Holy shit. So, you’re telling me you’re what…a couple hundred years old?”

Shrugging, Turo saw no reason to be completely honest. “I stopped counting birthdays after three hundred. It’s been a few decades since I saw my three hundredth birthday.”

Kellen slammed the rest of his drink before he spoke again. “Damn, you’re an old motherfucker.”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that. However, there’s still life in this old dude.” He tapped his chest. “I don’t know why I’m still kicking when most of my pack, if not all of my former pack, has all died. I’ve went back but could never find them. I assume they’ve all joined the Goddess.” No longer did the loss of his family hurt like it had centuries ago. Hell, even fifteen years ago, until he’d found the Iron Wolves, he’d felt the ache of loss.

“Then why were you leaving us?” Kellen stood and went to refill his drink.

Turo sighed, thinking of the tiny human named Jozlyn. His unclaimed mate. “You saw her. She’s too fragile for the likes of me. Too young, and fuck all if I’m worthy of the likes of her.”





Turo’s Fated Mate

Adult Excerpt


Joz woke to find herself wrapped in the warm embrace of her mate. She was still finding it hard to wrap her head around everything that’d happened. She inhaled, loving his smells. Lord, she hadn’t really noticed other men had unique scents, other than whatever cologne they wore. However, Turo smelled divine.

“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up,” his voice rumbled.

She looked up, seeing he was wide awake. “How long you been up?”

He looked at the clock. “About an hour. You’re cute when you snore.”

Joz was mortified. then she saw the glimmer of amusement in his stare. She pinched his side, or tried. “No fair. You have no fat. Look,” her fingers tried gripping him again, slipping off to snap instead. “How is that even fair?”

“I have something else you can wrap your fingers around,” he said.

She blinked up at him, sleep clouding her brain. After they’d gotten enough clothes, the charger for her phone, along with her laptop and bathroom supplies, she was wiped out. She didn’t even remember the ride back to his place. Now, she let his words sink in and grinned.

“Oh really? Would you like me to pinch your fatty?” She trailed her hand down his stomach,

He grinned. “Well, pinching wouldn’t be my first option, but your fingers wrapping around him sure sounds nice.” Then his eyes widened. “Wait, we don’t call him fatty.”

Joz tried to wrap her fingers around his hardness, but she couldn’t quite encircle him. “Hey, I’m just going along with what you called it.”

His hand covered hers, showing her the motion he liked. “No, I just suggested something else you could…” he moaned as her thumb swiped over the tip. “Damn, what was I saying?”

“I’ve no clue,” she said looking down at her hand and his. When she went to move her head down, wanting to taste him, he stopped her.

“I want to taste you, too.” His grin was positively wicked. “Sixty-nine is truly the best number.”

She squeezed the head of his dick. “Oh really?”

He grunted, putting his hand over hers. “Anyone before you are nothing but a memory. You are my everything. You’re my present, my gift, my future. My reason for living.”

“See, you go and say the sweetest things and make me all weepy.” Joz kissed his chest.

“I hope you’re weepy down south, ‘cause you’re also the sweetest pussy in all the universes, and I’m a starving man. Sit on my face, woman.”

Jozlyn laughed, then groaned as he lifted her, positioning her legs on either side of his face as if she weighed nothing. “You really are a dirty man, Arturo. And, I love it,” she moaned, leaning forward to grip his cock in her hand.

As he used his hands to spread her pussy lips open for him teasing and licking, taking her up to heights of pleasure that had her screaming his name, she used her mouth to bring him pleasure. Together they worked in tandem, sucking, licking, driving each other wild with hands and mouths.

“I will fill this ass one day, Joz.” He licked her clit and trailed a finger over her ass.

Joz looked over her shoulder. “Reeva said you’d want to fuck my bootyhole.” She rolled his balls in one hand while she pumped his dick with the other.

“Oh yes, I will fuck your bootyhole, and you’ll love it. Not today, but soon.” He pressed one finger into her ass, making her flinch then relax.

She laughed then turned back to his gorgeous cock. Pearly fluid leaked from the tip, the salty goodness something she could get addicted to. She felt his fingers slip into her vagina and then another into her ass. Oh, her mate was definitely gonna be claiming her bootyhole, and she was gonna be screaming his name when she came.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come, Turo,” she gasped.

“That’s a dirty mouth you got on you.” He moved his fingers faster. “I like it. Come for me, Joz.”

She wanted him to come with her. Her fingers slid between his thighs, saliva wetting them as she rubbed against his ass. He froze, but then, she swallowed as much of his cock as she could, feeling him bump the back of her throat and let her throat constrict around the head of him.

“Fuck, girl, what’re you doing?” Turo’s hips lifted, giving her access to slip her finger a little into him.

In the next heartbeat, he was coming down her throat. The fingers in her ass pistoned in and out, while his lips latched onto her clit and sucked, tossing her over the edge. She could do nothing but drink him down and come along with him.

Her body was still twitching when he lifted her off of him, tossing her onto her back and coming over her. She stared up at his dark eyes, eyes gone wild and hungry. “Fucking love you, Jozlyn. Stay with me forever.”

His arms bracketed her head while he pushed his cock into her spasming pussy. God, how had she ever gone without this? Without Turo?

“We’re complete together, Joz. Don’t you feel it?” He stroked in and out, letting her feel the glide of his dick as he almost left her then the full force of his possession as he entered her again. “I don’t just mean like this, but every way. You’re in my heart, my mind, and my soul.”