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their Wicked Wolf, Book 6


Mystic Wolves Series

She’d lost her happily ever after once. She won’t do it again.

Sky knew what it meant to hurt thanks to a sadistic alpha, but what she went through at the hands of a madman had her welcoming death, instead of suffering anymore pain.

They’d do anything to save their mate.

Raydon and River thought they’d never find a mate that would love them both, until they found Sky. Not even death would keep them from the one woman who completes them.

There’s beauty in everything, even pain.

Finding the strength to rise above the hurt and trust in each other is hard, but Sky realizes that true love is exactly what she’s found within the Mystic Pack. Will these three be able to keep the peace they’ve found, or will secrets long buried tear them apart forever?

She once was weak. She once was less than.

But now she’s back, and she’s nobody’s weakling. Sky will take back her life and her destiny.

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