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tempted Wolf, Book Two

Iron Wolves, next generation

A lost love. A new threat. Secrets that could destroy.

JAGGER... He’s sure the female before him is his Fated Mate, but he’s known nothing but chaos. As an alpha dealing with darkness, mayhem is to be expected. Not only is it inside of him, but it’s also hunting him.

WILLOW... With her mate finally found, pretending their bond is severed is something Willow couldn’t do. Nothing is more important than saving her Fated Mate, but the circumstances surrounding his sudden disappearance throws her into a nightmare she might not escape.SECRETS & LIES... Dreams become nightmares, haunting Jagger’s every waking minute. He has to face his past or lose any chance at a future with Willow. When she discovers the truth behind the darkness, will she be able to love the male who was tempted by the forbidden, or will they both lose all they hold dearest?***The Next Generation Iron Wolves Crew spent years in desolate realms. Now they’ve returned...Changed. Are you ready for the second book in the Iron Wolves Next Generation?**Tempted Wolf is the second book in the Iron Wolves Next Generation series. If you liked the original Iron Wolves, then you’re sure to love these all-NEW Paranormal Romances, with sexy bad boy heroes and feisty heroines. ** From USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Boon

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