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A Fey's Wolf, Book 5


Mystic Wolves Series

When a wolf catches the scent of his mate, he’ll do anything to claim and protect her, even if that means protecting the little Fey from himself.

An Enforcer…Torq’s place among the Mystic Wolves gave him the freedom to search for his mate, but when he finds her, he realizes things aren’t as easy as he’d hoped they’d be. However, years of honing his skills have proven he was more than the man and wolf for the injured Fey.

A Powerful Fey…Talia’s tired of hiding but isn’t quite ready to make that final step as a normal female after years of captivity. Hiding out on the Fey Realm seemed like another form of being caged, however being caught in the sights of a shifter far larger than any man she’d ever seen was more than she’d bargained for.

A Plan Set In Motion…Things don’t always go as planned, but when the Goddess puts two of her people together, she assumes things will end up how they should. However, outside forces realize a powerful Fey are within their grasps and want what they didn’t have…a link to the Fey Realm.

Will the wolf and his Fey have a chance to find their happily ever after, or will they be destroyed before they get the chance?



He felt red hot rage at the unknown men and women who’d shunned Talia because she was more than they were. Hell, she was more than he was, yet all he wanted to do was wrap his arms around her and keep her safe. Of course, she was more than powerful enough to keep herself safe.

“Is anyone going to get the little nugget out of the bubble, or is he going to sleep in there?”

They all turned to see that Nolan had worn himself out and was now sleeping on the bottom of the bubble. Niall gave a slight chuckle, then he looked at Talia with a raise of his brow. “Can you pop that thing without waking my little monster?”

Torq kept his hands on Talia’s shoulders, giving a slight squeeze to let her know he had her back.

“Would you like me to put him in his bed?”

Alaina stood from her relaxed pose where she’d been leaning against the bubble. “Wait, can you do that? Just like, poof, and then, he’s in bed?” She made a sound that sounded like a little boom, her hands spread out in front of her.

Talia lifted one shoulder. “It’s relatively easy for me to do. Although, I wouldn’t do it unless you approved. I know parents don’t like to let their children out of their sight. I can assure you no harm would come to him.”

“I trust you,” Niall said.

The alpha’s words made Talia stand taller. Torq could feel her power rising from within her. Since he’d marked her, taken some of her essence into himself, he could feel a swell of Fey powers within himself when she drew on them. He wondered if he too could harness the same energy. For the time being, he focused on lending his mate his strength. Instead of making Nolan disappear, Talia floated him into his room with Alaina following, her excitement at learning how to do the same thing making Niall groan.

“Alright, so we need to split up. I don’t want all of us racing up to the lodge like an angry pack and stumble into a trap. I’ll take the twins with me. Zayn’ll go with you and Talia, while Jett and Bronx meet up with Jory and go in from the other side.” Niall outlined the plan.

Talia raised her hand. “If any of you recognize the scent that I shared with Niall, don’t engage. I understand all of you are big bad alpha wolves, but we don’t know exactly what we’re facing. Keith was one thing, but whoever this being is, he or she could be worse or could be nothing.” She shrugged.

Torq rubbed his chin against the top of her head. The constant need to connect with his mate was a little jarring, especially when he wasn’t sure how she’d react to his need. Her head tilted back, blue eyes met his shining with acceptance. He dipped his head, sealing their lips in a quick hard kiss.

“Get a room,” Jett coughed.

Torq lifted his left hand, flipping his friend off.

Taryn and Taya walked toward them, a united front. He stepped back, giving Talia a little room with her girls but close enough she could feel his presence.

“Listen, you need to be extra careful. You might be some big badass warrior beotch, but you’re our mother, and we just got you back. So yeah, you go do your thing, but if you get hurt, we’re so gonna haunt your ass,” Taryn said.

Taya groaned. “Goddess, and you said you were the gentler ones. What baby brat here means, but clearly didn’t say well, is we want you to come back to us safely. We missed out on way too much time already, and I for one don’t want to lose more.”

Talia held her arms out, and then both girls were wrapping her up in a hug. Torq looked away, meeting Niall’s gaze over their shoulders. His alpha gave a quick dip of his head. Talia hadn’t been welcomed into the pack as a full member, yet, since he’d only just claimed her. However, that one look was his way of telling Torq it was only a formality. Talia was his, and she’d be welcome.

“Alright, lets go. Peyton, you and Emerson protect the family.” Niall turned and met his mate by the hallway. Torq turned from them giving the couple a sense of privacy.

“We ready to roll?” he asked Talia. Taryn and Taya moved away toward their mates, giving them space.

“Yes. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can start our life together.” Talia brushed her hands down her sides.

He used his finger to tilt her face up to his. “We say ‘Get r done’. The sooner we get r done, the sooner we can get to getting.”

His mate smiled. “What does that even mean?”

Torq wrapped his other arm around her. “It means we go and kick the shit out of some baddies, then we go fuck like wolfies.”

Zayn clapped him on the shoulder as he passed. “You’ve been around the crazy Fey Queen too long I think.”

“Hey, she only says the truth.”

He and Talia followed the second of the Mystic Pack out the back door where River and Raydon waited. Within moments, the rest of the pack who were also going, filed out. Peyton waved from the doorway, then waved her hand. Torq hadn’t ever seen magic, mostly because it was invisible to the human eye, but as soon as her arm dropped, he could see a faint pink glow surrounding Niall’s home.

“Did she just add an extra ward to the house?” he asked Talia.

Talia glanced over her shoulder. “Yes, she’s good.” With a slight shift of her body, raised her arm and waved, sending a burst of power over the ward. “An extra layer. Can’t be too careful,” she announced.

With a ripple of magic, they all shifted, except Talia and Torq. He looked at her, then at the wolves surrounding them. “I’m going to shift. My senses are enhanced more when I let my wolf out. I know you can shift into other forms, but what’s your preference?” Their relationship was new, but with their bond, he felt as if he’d known her for years.

“I’ll follow you as mist. It’ll cloak my presence as well as allow me to seek the dark one.”

He didn’t question how she’d find them, knowing her skill set was in a wheel house he had no chance of understanding. “C’mere,” he said as he bent and kissed her. “You be careful and stay with Zayn and I.”

The sound of her rapid breathing and increased heart rate were the only outward signs that she was excited, or scared. Torq let his wolf emerge. The quick transition happened within one breath and the next.

“That’s new,” Niall spoke through their link.

Torq didn’t pretend not to understand. He’d always shifted quickly, but within seconds was a record. “I think I have my mate to thank.”

“I’m sure it has something to do with her Fey blood. Let’s not announce it to the world, just yet.”

Torq was in complete agreement. He gave a yip, then he and Zayn followed behind the others, splitting off into groups, with he and Zayn going to the back of the lodge near the offices while Niall and his group took the front. The other would check the perimeter to make sure nothing was amiss.

“I feel him.” Talia’s words came to him through their link. “He feels familiar. Not just a Dark Fae, but—I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like I know him.”

Torq wished they were in human form so he could reassure her she was safe, but they were getting closer to the lodge. “If you feel threatened, say the word, and we back off.”

“No, we stick to the plan,” she said with finality.

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