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The Dragon's Mate

The Dragon mate Series



A Forgotten Love. A Hidden Bond. A Love Without Limits.


Asia’s memories of true-love are ignited— Can she find her way through the dark abyss that is her mind after the trauma she’s suffered? She’s found a slice of solace after giving birth to her daughter, but her heart yearns for the one thing she fears is lost forever, or maybe never existed. Her mate.


Jabari has felt pain and he knows all about loss— But when his mate is taken from him, his dragon will stop at nothing to find her. But first he has to kill his captors, escape, and regain his strength. He hasn’t shifted in centuries, but he will do whatever it takes to find his truemate. 


Betrayed and broken— Asia and Jabari have suffered untold horrors. Will they be able to find one another, or will the evil out to destroy them discover their whereabouts before they get a second chance at love?


**If you’ve read Egypt and Xian’s story in Bad Wolf, then you might’ve met Egypt’s mama. However, you can read this as a standalone as this is her story and how Egypt came to be. Happy Reading **

Get ready for an exciting return of some of your favorite characters in an all-new story from Elle Boon’s Iron Wolves and her fierce dragons. You just might hear from the Fey Queen and the bad boy alpha Kellen and some of your other favorites. One thing I can promise you is you’ll always get a happily ever after within the pages of my stories. From USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Boon.

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