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protecting teagan

The Seal Team Series

Failure isn’t an option isn’t just a motto, it’s what these men believe to their very core!

Dallas “Boomer” Holt a Navy SEAL has been in many situations that’s required him to put his life on the line, but rescuing a woman dubbed the “Hollywood Princess” sends all his protective instincts on alert.

Teagan Cross aka “The Hollywood Princess” had a core of strength that her nickname hid from the world. After weeks of captivity with any hope of being rescued dwindling, she fought even harder to hang on knowing her family wouldn’t give up looking for her.

An unknown location, too many variables they hadn’t counted on, and a female hostage who’d never faced a day, let alone weeks of torture…mixed to make this an explosive rescue attempt. Dallas and the rest of the SEAL Team Phantom will do what it takes to bring their target home safe. However, once home sometimes healing a wounded soul is harder than a physical injury.


He trembled as he fought for control. The raging need nearly blinding in its temptation. In all his years, even when he’d been a teen losing it to a girl three years older than him, he’d never had to struggle so hard to get himself under control. Hell, he’d only been fourteen and wasn’t even sure he’d been inserting his dick in the right place, and wasn’t certain he’d get it in before blowing his load. Now, he swore he was on the verge of doing the same, and he’d only kissed Teagan.

Her body writhed against him, reminding him she was equally affected. “How hungry are you, princess?”

“For food, or you?” She grabbed his face. “Dallas, if you say something altruistic, like you think we should eat and get to know each other, I might hit you.”

Every bit of hunger for him was echoed in her face. “I was just gonna say, if you were hungry for food, too, we could maybe order take out.”

Her answering grin lit up her face. “I like the way you think.”

He skimmed his hands down her ribs, his thumbs tracing along the undersides of her breasts. The rapid rise and fall of her chest let him know she wanted him and that meant the world to him. He wanted to see her without clothes, wanted to touch every inch of her flesh, but a crowded restaurant was not the place to be doing it.

“I think we should place our order to go, Dallas.” Teagan leaned forward, kissing him again. She smiled against his lips.

“That sounds like a great plan.” Hell, he’d need to do some calculus in his head, or he’d be sporting wood as they walked out. Especially if Teagan didn’t quit touching him as they waited for their takeout to arrive.

“Don’t get that look in your eye, Mr. Holt. Unless of course you’re changing your mind.” She bit her lip nervously.

Dallas rested his arm on the back of the bench seat. He’d contemplated moving back to the other side, but rejected the notion in favor of being as close to Teagan as possible. He’d take whatever pleasure he could, and being next to her was a form of pleasure in itself.

The waiter who’d taken their order, grinned when they’d decided on taking their orders to go arrived. The bag holding their food in one hand, the bill in the other. “Thank you, keep the change,” Dallas said handing him enough to cover both.

With a bow, the young man left.

“He knows we’re going to go home and do the dirty dirty, you know.” Teagan laced her arm through his, her teasing words made him stumble. At this rate, he was going to be accused of having two left feet.

Bringing his face close to her ear. “That’s the best way to do it. Down and dirty, with a side of out and out filthy.” He nicked the lobe of her ear, keeping his voice low.

His erection was hidden behind the bag, but damn, he wasn’t sure how he’d make the fifteen minute drive back to her place without her seeing his dick tenting his slacks.

“If you’re really good, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” Teagan leaned in to him, accidentally on purpose running her hand over his zipper.

Her eyes widened, making him smile. “Hey, it’s your fault,” he accused.

“How?” she asked.

He put the food on the back floorboard before helping Teagan into the passenger seat. “Thoughts of what you are gonna show me have left me in a constant state of arousal. I think I’ll need therapy afterwards. Do you think we could go to couples sex therapy? You know the kind where we have lots of sex to work it out?”

The edges of her lips quirked up, her eyes widened. “I do believe I know a place. It just so happens to be in my bedroom, and I don’t charge very much.”

He groaned, as he leaned down and kissed her sassy mouth. People passing by had no clue just how turned on he was. Or, if they did, they had seen worse. Either way, Dallas was sure he was in big trouble.

When he got in the car, she’d already buckled up. “So, are your prices negotiable?”

She nodded. “I believe we can come up with a price that’s more than satisfactory for the both of us.”

Her grin let him know she knew exactly what she was doing to him. He wondered if she was as wet as he was hard. Once they were on the road, he let his hand settle on her thigh for a few seconds. Gooseflesh met his fingers. Oh yeah, she was turned on. He wanted her to want him, as bad as he did her. It would be fast and hard the first time, then slow and easy the next. Hell, he was sure it would take him about ten times to finally be spent.

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