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Royally Targeted

A Royal Sons MC Series

He Had A Deadly Aim, But She Could Take Him Out Without Pulling A Trigger!

Tiana Royal.... She’s no stranger to making mistakes. Fortunately, she had the Royal MC to drag her from the gutter and help set her on the right track. As penance for the poor choices, she chose to suppress her needs and wants in until she can’t any longer, and then she does the only thing she can...she runs.

Mick Jackson aka Archer.... The last thing anyone would call Mick is a hero. As an Enforcer for the Royal MC, he's the exact opposite of what Tiana needs and as his Prez has said, he’s to keep his hands and dick to himself when it comes to his sister-in-law.

Truth and Loyalty Collide... . Tiana reveals her devastating truth to Mick's, and his past rears its ugly head. The club is about to find out about the twisted reality of his upbringing and come face-to-face with the man he ran from at the age of fifteen, never looking back. However his father doesn’t like to lose his assets, and his relationship with one of the most notorious gangs in the world offers him the ability to do the twisted things he’s done for years without recourse. Mick’s world was turned upside down once before, he won’t let the danger touch his family this time.

Love and Family Above All... Tiana's own peace is shattered by demons from her past until she stops fighting the pull to Mick. With enemies both old and new barreling down, she throws out her rules and turns to Mick for protection and the love she’s always craved. Soon, she finds out just what it’s like to be his.

Is it possible for her to be with Mick without everyone finding out what had happened all those years ago, or will her façade come crumbling down? If she falls, can she rise from the ashes with her own personal warrior by her side? None of it will matter if Mick can't keep his enemies at bay.

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