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Royally Tempted

A Royal Sons MC Series

She Needed A Savior.
He Was A Man Willing To Risk It All.
Rules Will Be Broken. But Will The Price Be Worth It?

Ayesha Needed A Savior…She only allows a few people to get close to her, having lost everyone she’s cared about except her baby sister. When Tiana is kidnapped, Ayesha’s willing to do anything, even going toe-to-toe with a ruthless biker who makes her quiver in more than just fear.

King Makes His Own Rules…He’s the president of one of the most notorious MC clubs on the West Coast, with affiliations all the way across the country. He’s not a man you want on your bad side, ever. However, there are things outsiders don’t know about, things that could get his brothers dead. When a feisty little sweet thing shows up at his club during a church meeting, he finds he can’t turn her away, nor can he deny the need to help her and her sister, even when it embroils his club.

But, Some Things Are Worth The Price You Have To Pay…If tracking down Ayesha’s little sister is what it takes to get the woman out of his head, then he’ll do what he has to do. However, when he reunites the two, he’ll walk away like he always does. She’s too sweet for the life of the MC. But, they say devil fools with the best laid plans.

Welcome to the Royal Sons, y’all. They might seem like the good guys, but they’re hot, they’re bad, they’re dirty, and they’re gonna drag you down to Hell with them, but you’ll have a smile on your face the entire time and you’ll enjoy every minute of the ride.

**If you like dominating sexy alpha men, and fast-paced romance then you’ll love the 3rd book in the Royal Sons MC by USA Today Bestselling author Elle Boon **

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