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Royally Taken

A Royal Sons MC Series

Betrayed and broken, can Kailani trust Traeger to heal her, or will she forever be damaged from her past?

Kailani is worth more than she believes…She’s not as weak as she thought. She’s lived what most thought was a pampered life, what they don’t know, what they don’t see are that monsters wear suits and live behind the very walls of the place she calls home. A father is supposed to protect their daughters, but what happens when your father is the monster under the bed? Who do you trust? It only takes one night, one man to give her the strength and courage to overcome the fear holding her back.

Traeger’s an enforcer…He’s not the one you call to hold a princess’s hand. However, for Kailani he becomes what she needs, battling the very men who should protect her. For the past decade, he’s lived and breathed for his MC, they’re his family. He’ll kill anyone who crosses his family and Kailani has just been added to those he protects.

Two worlds collide…When the princess meets the beast, will they survive the coming storm together, or will Kailani not be able to handle living without all the things her former life had to offer? Battle lines are drawn as Kailani’s family isn’t willing to lose a valuable asset, and Traeger isn’t willing to give up the woman he’s taken into his heart.

A must read story,” New York Times bestselling author LORA LEIGH
“Ms. Boon always writes a fantastic story”. USA Bestselling Author PATRICIA RASEY
“Elle Boon’s MC, has it all—dangerous, compelling men, and smart, sassy women.” New York Times & USA bestselling author N.j. Walters.

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