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Her Vampire Mate, Book Three

Iron Wolves, next generation

A Fractured Bond. A Broken Soul. A Fate Denied.

LIV... Did love really exist? Happily ever after was for fools or maybe it was for those who weren’t like her...broken, damaged, unworthy. She came from death, from the darkest pits of Hell, groomed to be destruction, day in and day out. Her life depended on her ability to kill. She never thought she deserved more in life other than her next breath and that of her crew.

And she was fine with that.

Until she saw him. Khan.

KHAN... He thought he'd known love, but it wasn’t true. He was one of the most feared beings on Earth, yet his life was nearly destroyed by the one he’d called his mother. He’d been broken and left for dead until a female came in like an avenging angel. Demons can make you think they’re beautiful inside and out. It was a lesson he’d learned the hard way and vowed to never make the same mistake again. However, his future looks bleak without the one thing that completes him.

Until he finds her. Liv.

She’s a demon. Or is she?

LOVE ISN'T PERFECT... Life changes in a flash and the two of them must battle as a unit, accepting the love burning within, or be destroyed by the past.
**The Vampire’s Mate is an all-New Paranormal Romance with the alpha wolves you love. ** If you love big bad shifters with attitudes and feisty heroines, then the Iron Wolves Next Generation will deliver. ** From USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Boon Author grab this thrilling, jaw-dropping, love story for the ages.

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