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Bad Wolf, Book one

Iron Wolves, next generation

Who wants a wolf—when you can have a Bad Wolf...

Ever heard of two star-crossed lovers? Egypt Light knows Xian is her mate from the moment she sees the bright blue-eyed, snarling wolf. But when fate steps in, tossing her into a world full of unknowns, her life gets caught in a tailspin. She finds the part of herself that had been missing, giving her a beast of her own, but it’s cost her as well.

Xian and his wolf know all about truemates. Xian is without a doubt deadly when it comes to protecting his crew, but the beast within him is searching for one thing—his mate. Egypt is his one reason for living, and also the reason he’s no longer the same as he once was. But his wolf inside, and the human part of him need her as they’ve never needed or wanted anything.

The loss of Egypt burns like acid in his veins, stripping Xian’s humanity, changing him into something to be feared. Now, their lives have become about survival and destruction, forever fighting to find their way back to one another. But the gorgeous beauty, Egypt, is too good for the male he’s turned out to be. When she sees what he’s become, will the beauty accept his beast, or will long-buried secrets destroy their second chance at love?

***The Next Generation Iron Wolves Crew spent years in desolate realms. Now they’ve returned...Changed. Get ready, y’all, this is gonna be a wild ride.

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